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Success Stories

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Emily King

Read about this mother's infertility journey and the birth of her son, Judah Benjamin. Her faith and her experience at the Fertility Center gave her hope when she needed it the most.. . . Full Story


Laura Catharine and Lee

In January of 2016, we began IVF treatment. To our great joy, our daughter Clara was born in mid-November. We cannot imagine having undergone such an emotional journey without the compassion, support, care, skills and expertise of the Fertility Center staff. . . . Full Story

Baby Lily in black and red dress

The Journey to Here

Our journey didn’t start here. Like many people, our journey to become parents started innocently enough in a different time, a different place, and as different people. We never imagined how difficult it could be, how long it could take, or the toll it would take on us.. . . Full Story


Chess and Angie

My story is different. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year. I had three beautiful children from a previous marriage but got remarried to my best friend who was younger than me. . . Full Story


For years we waited and longed for our family to grow, but month after month it did not happen. We saw many doctors, were told we could not have children, and rode the turbulent roller coaster of infertility. . . Full Story


I hadn't had a positive experience at the doctor's office since I was a kid. I had finally come to the conclusion that no one would ever be able to top my pediatric dentist. He had a nintendo and a parrot. . . Full Story



We knew we wouldn't be able to have children when we got married – or so we thought – due to a vasectomy done many years ago. The success rate of reversal was so slim that it didn't seem worth the cost. . . Full Story